WPU announces the Margaret and Charles Zeugner Commuter Student Scholarship

November 13, 2019
Margaret Charles Commuter Student Scholarship

William Peace University is excited to announce that thanks to the generosity of alumna, Margaret Zeugner ’55 and her husband, Charles Zeugner, the Margaret and Charles Zeugner Commuter Student Scholarship was established in Fall 2019. This endowed scholarship is designated towards supporting students who do not live on Peace’s campus and show financial need. 

This scholarship, set to be awarded for the first time this fall, represents both the University’s dedication to ensuring that every student has the resources that they need to develop on our campus and the doors that can be opened to them through alumni support. 

Margaret Zeugner ’55 attended Peace College as a day student and to this day, remembers fondly her love for the faculty and staff who welcomed her into the community with open arms. The support that she felt while at Peace is what inspired her to establish this scholarship with her husband, as they strive to make a superior higher education more accessible. They both recognize the power that higher education has in changing lives, and they want to ensure that every student gets a fair opportunity to learn. 

“I admire people with an education,” stated Charles, continuing, “They have a better understanding of the world and of each other. Education allows them [Peace students] to turn something that they love doing into their jobs, which is just life-changing.” The Zeugners understand that higher education opens the door for endless opportunities for students to pursue their passions – and then turn those passions into careers. 

Margaret, particularly, is excited about what this scholarship means for commuter students. As a day student, Zeugner enjoyed the time that she spent at Peace, but she wanted to feel closer to campus. “I loved my time at Peace, but I can say that my experience was different than the girls that lived on campus,” stated Margaret, “I was surrounded by wonderful faculty and staff like Miss Lucy Steele [Bible Professor] and Miss Elizabeth Caldwell [History Professor] who made the place like home. This scholarship helps me support students and of course honor all of those people who changed my life.”

The Zeugners created this scholarship in honor of Margaret Moore Thomas, Margaret’s mother. Ms. Thomas was a high school English teacher who was dedicated to her students and their success. Margaret and Charles both have fond memories of sitting at Margaret’s kitchen table in Raleigh and assisting with final grades for Ms. Thomas. 

“She was an educator from the get-go, and she made sure to instill in us how important education is,” stated Margaret. “She loved books, art and music, which she made sure to share with both of us [Charles and Margaret]. I think she would be delighted that this scholarship was going to a student in need – she’d be proud.”

This investment in our WPU students is a resounding example of the impact that our Peace alumni and community have on our campus. If you are interested in supporting vital academic programming and investing in our next generation of Peace leaders, please visit peace.edu/give today.