WPU Students Recognized for Biology Excellence

April 19, 2021

WPU Biology major, Isaiah Davis, is one of fourteen students chosen to be inducted into the Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society  (TriBeta) this academic year. This is an academic honor society for undergraduate students who have a passion and dedication to improving the understanding and appreciation of biology and expanding their knowledge through scientific research.

Founded in 1922, more than 200,000 inductees have been accepted into the lifetime membership across 626 chapters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

WPU’s TriBeta, inducted 14 total biology majors, including Davis, whose dedication and commitment to learning is recognized. 

The list of 2021 TriBeta inductees are: 

  • Tabitha Barnes
  • Matthew Boteler
  • Isaiah Davis
  • Yamila Emanuel
  • Dillon Garbrandt
  • Yata Jobe
  • Nadeen Hamdan
  • Bailey Lambertson
  • Cassidy Maitland
  • Alyssa Martinex
  • Alexia Moore
  • Leilani Nguyen
  • Makayla Nicely
  • Anna Roman

“The science faculty are proud of the new TriBeta inductees and congratulate them on their hard work and achievements. It is a pleasure to work with students who have a passion for learning,” stated Dr. Bonner, Department Chair of Science and Mathematics, and Professor of Biology .

TriBeta not only honors these high achieving  students for their outstanding drive, hard work, and dedication to their chosen major of Biology and overall education, but this recognition will provide a great boost for future careers after graduation.

“It’s really just the first step for me”, stated Davis. “I look at it as a motivational push to keep going.” 

In addition to this honor, Davis was recently accepted into an eight week summer research internship program at the University of Illinois, Chicago for this upcoming summer.  Here, he will be paired with a mentor based on his chosen interest in Cancer. 

Much like a DFT (Design-for-Testability) job or internship, the program will provide Davis with a stipend as a result of the completion of coursework and presentations. Due to COVID-19, the workload given will be held virtually.

Although he would prefer an in-person research program, Davis is thrilled to be given the opportunity. He hopes that by embracing this program, that it will help better his chances at attending the medical school of his choice in August 2022.

“I’m just grateful and thankful to have a research opportunity being at a nice school with great credentials and essentially that will help me, my portfolio, my resume for whenever I get into the application process to make me a stronger candidate,” stated Davis. 

As for what else is in the works for Davis, he is currently studying for the MCAT and preparing for his exam in May. Following his graduation from WPU in December 2021, he hopes to attend medical school the following August. All in all, Davis strives to one day work in Pediatric Radiology to assist children with their medical needs and illnesses.

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