WPU Goes Application Fee Free

August 8, 2022

Free Application Begins Aug. 1, 2022

William Peace University will no longer require an application fee, school officials said. 

Application fees are standard at universities and colleges nationwide and vary by institution, some charging as high as $100. WPU’s fee is $35. Students applying to multiple institutions might pay hundreds of dollars. 

Studies have shown such costs are a barrier to the number and quality of universities to which students apply. 

“Higher education can transform families, and WPU does that for many,” said WPU President Brian C. Ralph. “We work hard to offer nearly 100 percent of our students some form of financial aid, grant, or scholarship because we know it can change lives. We do not want an application fee to prevent them from taking that first step.” 

The College Foundation of North Carolina organizes College Application Week each October, during which many N.C. institutions waive their fees. WPU participated in 2021. 

“We received more applications that week from a wider variety of students,” said Colleen Murphy, vice president of enrollment and marketing at WPU. “We hope dropping the fee entirely will help more students pursue an education that leads them to a fulfilling career.” 

WPU will no longer require the application fee starting Aug. 1, 2022.