WPU International Students Association (ISA) Participate in Annual International Student Leadership Conference

April 27, 2017
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WPU’s International Students Association (ISA) is celebrating a recent trip to the International Students Leadership Conference (ISLC) in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This year’s conference theme was “Expect the Unexpected” and aimed to better-equip participants for unforeseen challenges. Approximately 250 students from 23 different institutions attended the two-day event, representing a total of 65 countries.

WPU students attended a global simulation workshop where they created a fictional world run by a mock government. Students troubleshooted real-world issues in a “Crisis Round” where they saw corporations come head-to-head with humanitarian organizations while different regions of the world battled over scarce resources. The activity made for several hours of intense trading, negotiating, problem solving, and excitement. The objective of the simulation was to balance the needs and desires of their fictional citizens, and to create a society built on the principals and goals of a perfect world.

“The takeaway was that no matter how far apart our home nations are from each other, the millennial generation’s ability to reach out to each other with the help of globalization and technology makes us better equipped than ever to come together to plan for and secure a brighter future.”

Adora Lushugurhi, WPU ISA President

WPU students also attended sessions that dealt with adversity training and leadership building. Sessions, along with activities, centered on the concept of building bridges rather than walls.

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