WPU Junior Receives Statewide Scholarship

February 11, 2021

It’s no secret that the students at William Peace University are some of the best and brightest in the country. They soar above even their own expectations while making history, mastering their major and planning for the future

And Leilani Nguyen is adding her name to the WPU’s impressive student list. The junior Biology major from Cary was recently awarded the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Health Sciences scholarship given to only 25 students at independent colleges and universities statewide.

“This scholarship means a lot to me,” Leilani said. “My mom is a single parent, so it’s a relief for me and my family that I can contribute to my tuition.”

“Overcome self-doubt to unlock your fullest potential.” —Leilani Nguyen

“It’s great that there are opportunities for students like me to receive these types of awards,” she added. The scholarship is intended for students from North Carolina who are first generation, underrepresented or from families who demonstrate financial need.

As a first generation college student, Leilani decided to follow her sister’s steps in attending WPU, and she quickly found a home here. 

“WPU itself is a very kind and understanding place,” she said. “This is a small community, and you’re able to form relationships that you couldn’t have had before you started at the University. 

“WPU is a great place to become the person you want to be and grow into your own specific personality.”

She cited the small class sizes and the ability to closely connect with teachers as some of her favorite parts of attending WPU, mentioning the ability to pop into professors’ offices anytime she has a question. 

“It’s easier for people to collaborate here, and that strengthens the feeling of understanding you feel throughout the University,” she said. “You feel like you can be yourself; there are no wrong questions.”

While she didn’t arrive at WPU with Biology as her major, she realized that those were the classes she enjoyed the most. The blending of science, the open-ended possibilities of the major and the devoted set of students in the classes made it an easy decision. 

“In Biology, you’re surrounded by other students who are just as passionate and have the same hard work ethic as you,” Leilani said. “So when it gets hard, you’re able to stick together through the tough parts and support each other.”

In the future, Leilani hopes to work in conservation and find out more about the opportunities that await her through an internship.