WPU Summer 2024 Study Abroad

December 27, 2023

William Peace University (WPU) is thrilled about our upcoming summer study abroad trips. These trips provide a kaleidoscope of possibilities that extend far beyond the borders of our campus. Students will broaden their horizons, challenge perspectives, and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of global experiences as we introduce our upcoming study abroad trips.

Adair Robertson, a retired mathematics professor, and Kathy Corley, an adjunct professor at WPU lead the International Studies program.

WPU Paris

Immersive learning is one of the core tenets of education at WPU. Study abroad fits right in that, Robertson said. She has been leading students abroad for the past 20 years. She will continue working with international studies because she believes students should have that travel experience. 

“I think it’s the ultimate immersive learning to go to another culture,” she said. 

The group visits cultural and political sites as well as museums and schools. The goal is to immerse students in the native culture of the land. 

In May 2023, the program offered three travel destinations: Japan, led by Professor Roger Christman. London and Paris, led by Professors Matt Hodge and Dr. Elizabeth Kusko, and Costa Rica, led by Professors Dr. Lisa Bonner and Dr. Patrick Myer. 

This summer students will have the opportunity to choose between two distinct and incredible locations – something for just about everyone; a travel destination/inspiration for almost everyone.

  • Dr. Eliza Laskowski will be leading a Study Abroad Program to The British Isles with a focus on The Past, Present, and Future of that area of the world. Dr. Dorrell Briscoe, WPU’s chaplain will be one of Dr. Laskowski’s support faculty on the tour.

  • Dr. Laura Vick, Professor Emerita and long-time Anthropology Professor at WPU, will be leading a Study Abroad Program to the Yucatan Peninsula with a focus on the culture of that region, both ancient and contemporary. 

The cost of study abroad trips varies by location, usually falling between $2,500 to $5,500 Scholarships are available for students who have a GPA of 2.6 or higher. The Ragland Scholarship offers roughly 20% of the program’s cost.

Students who are interested should contact Adair Robertson or Kathy Corley. You can also visit our Study Abroad page for more information.