WPU’s Esports Teams Near the Finish Line

March 17, 2024

After weeks of intense battles and close matches, WPU’s Esports teams are nearing the end of their regular season games. The Rocket League team is set to finish their season with a doubleheader Monday, March 18th, while the Overwatch team finished their season on Tuesday.

Rocket League’s Sweep
WPU’s Rocket League team had a beautiful sweep this week in the battle arena, winning all three rounds they played against Virginia Wesleyan University. There were 11 goals scored by William Peace and one goal scored by VWU throughout the three rounds.

“Our practice, team chemistry, and communication all came together for this game. We played to the best of our abilities and for the win and it shows,” said Donnie Leahy, captain of the Rocket League team.

WPU’s Rocket League team win against Virginia Wesleyan University pushed them to a 4-1 record for the season.

The Rocket League team also competed in Raleigh’s Playthrough Gaming Convention which was held March 16 and 17.

Braydan “K0egs” Koegel and WPU’s Coach Coleman “ColemanA” Arehart went 5-0 in the series to secure first place in the 2v2 Rocket League tournament against New Bern High.

On March 18th, the Rocket League team will be facing off in a double header against two formidable opponents.

Overwatch’s Perseverance
With their heads held high, the William Peace Overwatch team faced off against Nichols College on Tuesday. Nichols College was able to gain the upper hand and beat WPU, earning the first seed in the conference.

Shawn Kirby, a new player on the William Peace Overwatch team has seen growth over the course of the season that shined through in the previous game.

“It was a great game. I think it shined light on things we have to work on as a team, but it also shined light on the progress we have made from the start of the season,” Kirby said. “Yeah, it hurts to lose but we are a new team. We have done nothing but grow in the 2 months of being together. Moving forward, I have high hopes that we will beat the best next season and eventually be the best!”

The WPU Overwatch team did not make it to the playoffs this year with this final defeat of the season. The tables will turn next semester when the William Peace Overwatch team goes back into the arena to face off against new opponents.

Super Smash Bros Playthrough Performance
The Super Smash Bros team performed well this week at the Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh, N.C.

In the singles Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament with 82 players, Nathan “Hawx” Hawxwell finished 13th, David “daevie” Jiroutek finished 17th, Alex “PancakeDog” Peterlin finished 25th, and Ian “Knux” Quinones as well as Steven “St3v3n” Miles tying for 33rd place.

In the doubles tournament of SSBU with 19 teams, Nathan “Hawx” Hawxwell and Elliot “L1gma” Hiraldo finished third. They were followed by Alex “PancakeDog” Peterlin and Ian “Knux” Quinones in fourth place.

Player of the Week
Nathan “Hawx” Hawxwell is the fourth Spring WPU Esports player of the week and is the captain of the Super Smash Bros team at Peace.

Coleman Arehart, the head coach of WPU’s Esports teams believes that Hawxwell had great energy and a great time as he had a brilliant run in the Playthrough GC solos and doubles Super Smash Bros tournament.

“Nathan brought great energy and leadership to the Smash competitions at Playthrough,” Arehart said. “He showed up in his Ness cosplay, and made a deep run in the solos tournament while visibly having a great time.”

Rocket League’s next games are scheduled for Monday, March 18, against DePaul University and Carolina University.

Watch all of the Esports matches at https://www.twitch.tv/WPUEsports. See the schedule.