WPU’s Esports Teams Push for Greatness Continues

March 4, 2024

In the world of collegiate esports, triumph and defeat often stand as two sides of the same coin. This axiom rang true for WPU’s Esports Team as they navigated a rollercoaster of emotions in their recent matchups in the Rocket League and Overwatch circuits. While their Rocket League match ended in a close victory, the WPU Overwatch team was not so lucky.

Rocket League’s Bounce Back
The stage was set for an electrifying showdown in the Rocket League arena as the William Peace team geared up to face off against their competitors with a renewed spirit. The Rocket League team had just come off a defeat the previous week, however according to Braydan Koegel, a new but outstanding addition to the roster, they were able to adjust how they were playing to continue to outperform their opponents.

“After our tough match last week, we figured out what went wrong and were able to fix it for this week. We played the way we usually do and were able to secure the win.”

WPU’s Rocket League team prevented the reverse sweep by finishing out the series 3-2 against Buena Vista University.

Next week the Rocket League team will be tested to see how far they have come since the beginning of the semester.

Overwatch’s Unrelenting Passion
Undeterred by their earlier setbacks, the William Peace Esports Team entered the Overwatch arena with renewed determination, however, they were not able to secure wins against Keene State College or the University of Wisconsin – River Falls.

With a rough overall season so far, William Peace’s Overwatch team continues to come back day after day to become better than they once were and it shows.

Elisha Thomas, the student coach of the William Peace Overwatch team remains hopeful for the future and acknowledges that it will take time.

“Overwatch this season has been a slight struggle due to putting together a new team of players of which some have never played on an Esports team before coming to WPU. Despite our struggles during competition, we are working hard to improve our game. We continue to build chemistry with post practice team outings and by doing activities other than Overwatch for a practice. It’s been a ride so far this season, and I’m hopeful for the future.”

So far, their journey has served as a testament to the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. As they continue to hone their skills and forge ahead in the collegiate esports arena, the William Peace Overwatch team stands as a beacon of inspiration.

Super Smash Bros Players Place Top 8
After a tiring night of competition, Ian Quinones-Rivera and Nathan Hawxwell were able to secure a tie for 7th place in a Super Smash Bros tournament held on Friday, March 1.

They competed in Smash @ State 62 in the Single category of HewDraw Remix, which is a modded version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Both Ian and Nathan won half of the matches they played in showing immense improvement from previous tournaments at the start of the semester.

The players on the Super Smash Bros team continue to pave the way for more players to experience the game they love at William Peace and the surrounding area.

Player of the Week
Hernan “Herbanian” Ruedas is the third Spring WPU Esports player of the week and is a key member of the William Peace Rocket League.

Ruedas has shown that for his last semester of college he wants the title of NACE Champion to his list of achievements.

According to Coleman Arehart, the head coach of WPU Esports, he played incredibly in the match against Buena Vista University and was the primary offensive playmaker for the team.

“Hernan played incredibly well in this week’s Rocket League match. His mechanics looked more fluid than ever and he was our primary playmaker on offense.”

Rocket League’s next game is scheduled for Monday, March 11, against Virginia Wesleyan University. The WPU Overwatch team will take on Nichols College Tuesday, March 12.

You can watch all of the Esports matches at https://www.twitch.tv/WPUEsports. See the schedule.