WPU’s Esports Teams Showcase Improvement

February 26, 2024
Clay Whitehurst leads the WPU Esports team

The Esports teams at William Peace University continued to display their skill for all to see these past two weeks, with a dominant victory in Rocket League, another setback in Overwatch, and continued improvement in Super Smash Bros. WPU’s Pacers continue to strive for victory even in the face of adversity.

Rocket League’s Dominant Performance
The team’s dedication to their craft was shown in their last match of the competition.

On February 12, WPU’s Rocket League team faced off against Glenville State University and emerged victorious. The team managed to beat GSU in a clean sweep of 3-0 with a dominant second game winning 7-2.

“It felt like everything was clicking, the communication was great, and our team chemistry continues to build every game that we play. If we continue to play like that, we can beat anyone,” said Hernan Reudas, who has been an active member of the Rocket League team for three semesters.

The WPU Rocket League team had a bye this week and will continue to test their might against their future opponents this semester starting again this upcoming week.

Overwatch Faces Another Setback
The victory of the Rocket League team was followed by 2 hard losses in the following weeks.

Pushed to their limits, the WPU Overwatch team lost against Lindenwood University and Virginia Wesleyan University

“The past two weeks have solely been focused on working to build the team’s overall bond. I was able to see major improvements within the team, not just in skill, but also in the amount of trust and communication,” said Sam Wagoner, the captain of the Overwatch team. “While we did lose our most recent match, we had victory in our grasp. We are going to continue to make our team stronger for the next fight!”

These bumps on the road to victory have continued to tighten the bond of the Overwatch team overall and will help them reach their final goal: the championship title.

Super Smash Bros. Club Improve
Over the last few weeks, the Super Smash Bros. club has had members playing in tournaments within the Triangle area.

Nathan Hawxwell, the captain of the Super Smash Bros. team, said, “We learned a lot about what to practice for next time and what we still need to improve on. Which means that every tournament we go to, we continue to do better.”

The continued improvement within the SSB team is made of dedication and grit that is paying off.

Player of the Week
Sam “Starman” Wagoner is the second Spring WPU Esports player of the week. After stepping up into the vacant role of captain, Sam has proven that it was the right role for him.

Wagoner has fully stepped into the role of captain and has made the energy and cohesion of the team his main focus, said Coleman Arehart, the head Esports coach at WPU.

“Sam has stepped up in a big way with team leadership. It’s clear to me that he is prioritizing the energy and cohesion of the team,” Arehart said.

Rocket League’s next game is scheduled for Monday, February 26, against Columbia International University. The WPU Overwatch team will take on Kettering University the following day, February 27.

You can watch all of the Esports matches at https://www.twitch.tv/WPUEsports. See the schedule.