WPU’s Esports Teams Start Competition

February 8, 2024
WPU's esports team practices Rocket League

The William Peace University Esports teams displayed their hard work for all to see this week, securing a close victory in Rocket League while facing a setback in Overwatch. Players from both teams fought tooth and nail to try and secure the victory in this electrifying first week of competition.

Rocket League Triumph
The team’s performance in Rocket League displayed almost three semesters of hard work and dedication.

Led by captain Donnie Leahy (‘24), the team was able to clinch a 3-2 victory over Ashland University in a gut-wrenching overtime where Braydan Koegel (‘26) managed to score the deciding goal of the series.

“There were some rough moments, but we kept our heads level and got it done. We had to make big changes individually between this season and last, but we’re past that now. We’ve grown, and all we need to do now is keep doing what we do best. The wins will come as a result,” Leahy said.

The WPU Rocket League team’s match next week will be a true testament to the chemistry they have built.

Overwatch Setback
The euphoria of victory was tempered by a setback in the Overwatch match that followed the next day.

Despite their best efforts, the WPU Overwatch team lost a hard battle against the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

“This week’s game has shown us where we need to improve both as a team and individually as players. We need to reflect on what we could have done differently and what we need to improve on,” said Mia Perrotta, who joined the Overwatch team this semester. “Overall, I think we did great for our first game of the season, and I see a lot of potential in this team. I know we can grow together and improve in a short time!”

This defeat served as a reminder of what Esports is about: facing adversity through resilience and grit.

Player of the Week
Braydan “K0egs” Koegel is the first Spring WPU Esports player of the week. He scored half of the goals for this week’s Rocket League match and scored the series-winning point.

Koegel has soared past his previous skill ceiling after significantly changing his playing style, said Coleman Arehart, the head Esports coach at WPU.

“He went through significant growing pains last season when I suggested that he change his control scheme for the game. However, at this stage, he has surpassed his previous comfortability with the game and is now mastering the game.”

Rocket League’s next game is scheduled for Monday, February 12, against Glenville State University. The WPU Overwatch team will take on Lindenwood University the following day, February 13.

You can watch all of the Esports matches at https://www.twitch.tv/WPUEsports.