#WPUStudyAbroad: Students Take on Mexico and Japan in Summer 2017

April 28, 2017

Video filmed, edited and produced by WPU Professor, Roger Christman

WPU students are getting the chance of a lifetime this summer, traveling abroad to both Mexico and Japan. Students traveling to Japan will get a glimpse of Japanese culture with a special focus on graphic design and simulation and game design (SGD), while students taking on Mexico will spend 18 days in the country’s exotic Yucatan Peninsula, exploring Mayan ruins and others parts of Mexican history and culture.

In fact, WPU will be fully documenting both trips, providing the sights and sounds of the student experience.

“I’m really excited to explore Mexico with our great faculty, staff and students,” said Christopher J. Newman, Digital Media Coordinator. “We’ll have the opportunity to document everything we’re doing there so viewers can gain a true sense of what it was like.”

“We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves into Japanese culture and society,” said Roger Christman, Department Chair of Communications and SGD, and Associate Professor of Art, Communications and SGD. “The Japanese are always on the leading edge of design and technology. Our students will be able to value this experience in and out of the classroom for years to come.”

Each year, WPU students get the chance to study abroad. The University has taken students to England, France, Spain, Qatar, and many other places. In May of 2016, more than 30 students, faculty, and staff visited Italy where they took in the sights and sounds of Naples, Rome, and various parts of the countryside. Like most study abroad trips, students took a one-hour credit course during the spring semester that prepared them for the international experience, then received two hours of academic credit upon completion of all assignments related to the travel.

In Italy, students interacted directly with local business professionals and studied global cultural practices, as well as basic international business practices and trends.

“What I learned surpasses anything that a textbook could ever teach in my personal opinion. You really get the hands on experience and really get to see places such as the Colosseum, and different historical landmarks that really blew my mind away.”

Emmanuel Reyes, WPU Student

“The Italy trip was so fun. We were able to go to so many cool places and see so many things,” said Trea Brady ’16. “I never would have been able to experience that had I not gone to WPU.”

Stay tuned as we bring you more from Mexico and Japan. For more WPU news and information, please visit www.peace.edu/news.

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