#PrepareAtPeace: Olivia Gray ’15 Talks Graduate School and WPU

Jul 13, 2016

Olivia Gray, a 2015 alumna, sits in a chair in the media studio, a room she knows well from her time at WPU. It was there, among other places on campus, where she showcased her creativity, taking ideas and turning them into something, producing videos and other creative works.

Her thumbs move back and forth, her demeanor cool and collected as she looks at the camera, prepping herself for an interview. Questions start to be asked, aimed her way. Then, she smiles and laughs.
Olivia is a creative and quirky mind who has truly evolved into the person she was meant to become. And she did that here at Peace –not at home, or at a large school, or another small institution – but here, at WPU.

“If you’re looking for a place that’s really going to help you find yourself, I feel like this is a really good school for that,” Gray said. “It’s a really tight-knit community. You’re able to hone in on your skills and what you love.”

Gray especially noted her former art and drawing instructor, Luke Buchanan. “I think his class really helped me a lot in terms of my creativity. After that class, my drawings were exceptional.”

“I really found myself here. “It’s a really tight-knit community.”

From taking selfies on campus, to painting in the art lab or in her dorm room, to writing poetry and designing the PRISM (the University’s literary magazine, which features student contributions) – Olivia stretched her wings on campus. It’s because of this great experience at Peace that she was able to enter graduate school at Elon University, where she graduated this past May with a MA in Interactive Media.

“I learned that at Peace – how to collaborate,” Gray said. “Just having those smaller classes, you get more information, you’re learning more. Now going to Elon, it’s just really easy to collaborate and communicate and create some really cool projects.”

A now recent graduate, Gray is looking for the next step in her career, hopefully working as a graphic designer or marketing professional, she says.

“Honestly, if I can do something where I’m creating – editing or graphic design, or somewhere along those lines – that would make me super happy.”

With her incredible talent, creative eye, and infectious smile, it won’t be long before she takes the creative world by storm.

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