Justin Johnson

Assistant Professor of Communications and Simulation and Game Design
Justin Johnson, WPU Professor

It’s not just fun and games for Justin Johnson, Assistant Professor of Simulation and Game Design (SGD) at WPU, who seems to be immersed in a real-life Role Playing Game, or RPG for true gamers.

Justin started in game development when he was a kid and modded old computer games. Since then, he’s worked with a few game studios at the indie and AAA level. When he is not saving the world from the forces of evil, he likes to make his own indie games, draw, hang with his family, and study martial arts. He is a huge retro game fan. Some of his favorites include The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and Super Mario Bros. 3. He also spends a lot of time outside and enjoys reading historical biographies. More importantly, he loves teaching others how to make games, art, and how to be great designers!



  • BA Game Art and Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • MS Game Production and Management, University of Advancing Technology

Activities & Honors

  • 3DTotal game contest winner, 2013
  • GameArtisans contest winner, 2011
  • Speaker at East Coast Game Conference

Research & Publications

  • Coyne, S.M., Busby, D., Bushman, B.J., Gentile, D. A., Ridge, R., & *Stockdale, L. (2012). Gaming in the game of love: Effects of video games on conflict in couples. Family Relations, 61, 388-396.
  • Coyne, S. M., Padilla-Walker, L. M., *Stockdale, L., & Day, R. D. (2011). “Game on…girls”: Associations between co-playing video games and adolescent behavioral and family outcomes. Journal of Adolescent Health, 49, 160-165.