Kris Shay

Assistant Vice President of Admissions
Kris Shay

I have enjoyed a fulfilling career of 30+ years working in Admissions and Enrollment Management at several different types of institutions, including a public two-year college (Alfred State College), a large technical university (Rochester Institute of Technology), a highly-selective mid-size public liberal arts college (SUNY Geneseo) and, most recently, a large, public, urban research university (UNLV). With each opportunity, I have advanced my responsibilities and skillset with particular emphasis on managing and leading enrollment teams, while at the same time growing contemporary enrollment management expertise. I have earned 2 master’s degrees, one in Higher Ed Administration from SUNY College at Buffalo and the second in Counseling Psychology from St. Bonaventure University.

I have been rewarded by professionally developing staff and creating a productive, positive work environment while, at the same time, being strategic and creative in implementing and refining overarching recruitment initiatives. Enrollment management has been, and remains, an ever-changing field. It was those risks and uncertainties that drew me to the profession and over time have kept me engaged and enthusiastic about the work. Shifting national demographics, reduced funding at many public universities and, most recently, COVID related challenges, require a heightened awareness of trends and issues, the need to be data-driven in making decisions, to continually assess and refine strategies as needed, and to be fluid and able to pivot in response to challenges presented. My leadership style is based on the concept of continuous improvement, which is a shared leadership style, in which I empower my staff, involve relevant staff in group decision making and ensure all have an appropriate voice that is heard and respected.

“I love the genuineness and kindness of the people at WPU and how much we care, not only about students, but about each other. There is a very strong sense of community here which makes it a wonderful place to be!”


MA in Counseling Psychology from St. Bonaventure University

MS in Higher Ed Administration from SUNY Buffalo

BA in Psychology and Sociology from SUNY Geneseo.