Alert Bar


The Alert Bar displays in a fixed position at the bottom of the user’s browser window. There are two different types of alerts:


Alerts are automatically pulled from the RAVE alert system through a RSS feed. To post a new alert, ensure that the alert is feeding to the correct feed within the RAVE system.

Clearing the Alert

To clear an active alert, create a new alert in the RAVE system titled CLEAR WEBSITE ALERT. It is crucial that the alert title is exactly what is displayed in bold. This will tell WordPress that there is no active alert and to then look for an announcement.


Announcements will appear if no alert is active. Announcements are pulled automatically from the ActiveCalendar system. To post an announcement, create a new event and assign it to the proper calendar. To remove the announcement, delete the event from the ActiveCalendar system.

Clearing the Cache

To enhance the performance of the website, the Alert Bar content is cached for 15 minutes at a time. If you’d like to manually clear the cache to show updated content, you can do so via a URL parameter as shown below. This URL parameter can be appended to any page and it will clear the cache for the whole site for all users.