Our Raleigh Footer

Displaying the Our Raleigh Footer

To display the Our Raleigh Footer on a page, scroll down to the More Fields section of the page edit screen and select Yes from the Display OurRaleigh drop-down.

Field Types

The Our Raleigh Footer component is very structured. There are several field types available which are grouped by slides.


The Video field type requires an image and a video ID that is pulled from YouTube. The image serves as a placeholder until the user clicks on the block to pull up the video player in a modal window. The play icon is automatically placed on top of the image using CSS. The Video ID can be found in the URL of the YouTube video. For example, if the YouTube URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri3lWvaMYO0, the Video ID is ri3lWvaMYO0.


The Image field type requires an image and can optionally be linked to another page.

Text Block

The Text Block field type has a Description, Source, and Color. Some of the Text Blocks are labeled as Wide, which means that it appears in the wider, rectangular block.


The Instagram block automatically pulls the most recent 4 images from the WPU main Instagram account. There is no customization for this field.


The Twitter block automatically pulls the most recent tweet from the WPU main Twitter account. There is no customization for this field.

Clearing the Cache

To enhance the performance of the website and to abide by API limitations for Instagram and Twitter, the Our Raleigh Footer is cached for one hour at a time. If you’d like to manually clear the cache to show new content posted to the component, a new Tweet, or new Instagram pictures, you can do so via a URL parameter as shown below. This URL parameter can be appended to any page and it will clear the cache for the whole site for all users.