Reusable Components


Visual Composer comes with an option to make reusable components. Any combination of components can be saved in one place and then placed on multiple pages. This is useful for items like the main Calls to Action row that always has the same four calls to action.


  1. Navigate to the Visual Composer > Templates option in the WordPress admin interface
  2. Click Add New
  3. Create the component that you’d like to be reusable
  4. Save and publish
  5. Navigate to the page you’d like to place the component on
  6. Click the + sign in a row or column
  7. Select the Templatera component
  8. Select the “template” or reusable component that was created
  9. If the reusable component selected is a row element that requires a special row configuration (calls to action, billboard, at-a-glance), you will need to configure the row settings in every location that the component is placed.

Note that the reusable component must be edited from the Visual Composer > Templates area of the WP admin interface, not on the page directly.

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