Social Media Row

A row component which allows you to embed feeds from Flickr, Instagram, and/or Twitter. If multiple feeds are entered, the component will be shown as tabs.


  1. Add a new Visual Composer element and select Social Media Row
  2. For Flickr, enter the user ID for the Flickr account (example: 148532408@N06). This can be easily found in the URL on the Flickr page for the user.
  3. For Twitter, enter the Twitter handle for the desired account to display.
  4. For Instagram, enter in a developer access token for the account. This needs to be registered on Instagram’s developer site. Follow the steps below to register for an access token:
    1. Log into
    2. Click on Register Your Application
    3. Your Website:
      Description: to pull Instagram feed onto WPU website
    4. Submit the form
    5. Click Manage Clients
    6. Click Register a New Client
    7. Application Name: WPU Website
      Description: To pull instagram feed onto Peace website
      Website URL:
      Valid redirects URIs:
    8. Click on the Manage button by your client that was just registered
    9. Under the security tab, uncheck  
    10. Copy the Client ID
    11. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser while replacing the [CLIENT_ID_HERE] block with the Client ID from step 10:[CLIENT_ID_HERE]&redirect_uri=
    12. The address bar in the browser should have a URL parameter called access_token, copy and paste that value
    13. This is the token to enter into the CMS
    14. Do not visit the URL from steps above again because it will reset the access token