Video Banners


Instead of a large image at the top of a page, a video can be displayed. Video Banners are stored in the system so that they can easily be selected for use on any page. When a Video Banner is chosen, it will overwrite the Banner Image on the page if one was selected.

Adding and Editing

From the WordPress dashboard, click Video Banners in the left menu to bring up the full listing. To edit an existing entry, click its name in the list; to add a new entry, click Add New at the top of the page. Once a Video Banner is created, you can assign it to a page by editing the page, scrolling down to the More Fields section under the page editor, then selecting the item from the Video Banner drop-down.

Field Definitions

  • Title: the title of the Video Banner
  • Banner Image: the image to appear in the banner area
  • Banner Video: the video to override the image at large resolutions
    • recommended dimensions: 1920 x 1080
    • recommended file size: around 5MB
  • Video Tag: the tag to appear above the text on top of the video
  • Video Text: the text to appear on top of the video
  • Video Link: the link to the YouTube video to appear on click of the play button in the banner