Writing Examples

Following are a few examples of content that demonstrate the best practices and writing styles contained in this guide.


If you are looking for a different type of college experience – one that is rooted in the liberal arts but committed to building skills for 21st century careers – William Peace University might be for you.

If you’re willing to take an active role in our learning community and apply yourself in and out of the classroom, our innovative approach to education could help you shine. If you like the vibe of a busy, modern city but you also appreciate historic charm and green space, our downtown Raleigh campus might just feel like home.

Welcome to William Peace University. Where your story really begins.


Don’t just be in your chosen field; stand out in it. That’s the Peace advantage.

At William Peace University, we know that good students can become great students through an approach to higher education that’s less conventional and more involving. Here, you will participate, collaborate and gain valuable real-world experience. You will complete an internship, career development courses, a personal financial management class and a four-year writing program. At Peace, we won’t just know your name – we’ll know your interests and your aspirations. And we’ll work together to help you achieve them.


William Peace University is a forward-thinking alternative to conventional colleges and universities where lectures and papers are the rule.

Here, good students are empowered to become great students by taking a more active, participatory role in their education. The results speak for themselves. More than 96% of recent Peace alumni land a career position or a spot in top graduate schools within a year of graduation.


Raleigh, North Carolina – one corner of the famed “Research Triangle.” It’s not just our home; it’s a big part of who we are.

Our roots in the city and the region run deep. William Peace University has been growing and evolving together with the city of Raleigh for almost 160 years. Today we are a proud partner with hundreds of local businesses, schools, organizations and government agencies who share our deep commitment to our community and our students’ education. But it’s not all about work. A balanced college experience calls for culture, recreation and play time too, and it’s all here in abundance. That’s Our Raleigh. Our “91,000 acre campus.” We think you will love it as much as we do.


Study hard. Play hard. And take in everything that WPU and the city of Raleigh have to offer.

Just as important as your academic pursuits are the social, athletic, recreational, creative, spiritual and service-related experiences you will have while you’re here. Write for the Peace Times. Flex your artistic muscles. Cheer on the Pacers. Take one of our day trips to Washington, D.C. Play intramural basketball. Volunteer. Whether it’s nurturing a lifetime passion or finding an interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon, you’re sure to find life as a student here both fun and fulfilling.


Results don’t lie: our unwavering commitment to preparing you to reach your post-graduation goals is paying off.

At William Peace University, our mission is to prepare our students for careers in the organizations of tomorrow. The personal attention and mentoring you will receive and the breadth and quality of hands-on experiences you will have translate to a real-world readiness that is difficult for other universities to replicate. Time and time again we hear that Peace graduates are uniquely prepared for what comes next, whether that means postgraduate study or their first career position.


Welcome back. Whenever you graduated, you will surely recall that Peace always felt like family. That hasn’t changed, and we intend to make sure it never will.

Our success as an institution has always been rooted in the strength of our community. As an integral part of that community, we invite you to stay informed, involved and connected to both WPU and one another.