New Student Experience

Welcome to William Peace University!

Our New Student Experience programs are an opportunity for students and parents to learn about William Peace University and what it means to be a Pacer. Current WPU students, faculty, and staff provide a welcoming environment to assist you throughout these engaging events.

WPU’s New Student Experience is for incoming and transfer students and their guests to ensure that our new Pacers have the tools and resources to succeed!  New Student Orientation and Pathways make up the Summer 2022 New Student Experience and are mandatory for new students and transfer students.

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New Student Checklist

  • New Student Orientation for Summer 2022 Students | June 24
    Our Summer 2022 New Student Orientation is required for all incoming students and will occur in-person on Thursday, July 21. Check-in and breakfast begins at 8 a.m. EST, with the opening session beginning at 9 a.m. To view the rest of the days scheduled events click here. All events will conclude by 6 p.m. You must register here for this session.

    Are you out of state, have a conflict with the July 21 date, or cannot attend this session for other reasons? Please sign up for another orientation session here!

    After you register, you will receive more details the week prior to your session about what to expect and the schedule overview.

    During New Student Orientation, we share information about the tools, resources, and support available at WPU. You will have the opportunity to hear from President Dr. Ralph, spend time with other incoming Pacers, meet with your Orientation Leaders (OL), connect with staff, learn about financial aid, and get your questions answered from various departments like Residence Life & Housing.

  • Pathways to Peace
    Pathways is the final fall New Student Orientation event. Pathways is a four-day program specifically designed to help incoming students successfully transition to life at WPU. Pathways features student success workshops, community-building events/activities, an immersive learning experience and an opportunity to get to meet and know other new students. Pathways begins the afternoon of Move-In Day, before the semester starts each August. Residential and commuter students are required to participate and will meet their Peer Mentor and First-Year Mentors who will serve as their guides throughout the program. There will be a special track for first time college students and transfer students.

    The dates for Pathways this fall are August 12-16, 2022. The schedule is in the works and will be posted here shortly.

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Orientation Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Overall Program & Logistics

    1. What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?
    • New Student Orientation is the umbrella program for both Transfer Orientation and First Year Orientation to welcome new students to William Peace University.  Although this program will cover topics for both first year and transfer students, all of our incoming Pacers will learn about vital resources to prepare them for their time at WPU.
    2. What is the format of New Student Orientation?
    • The format of the in-person and virtual events of NSO will be utilizing the student learning management system, Moodle, to complete modules on campus resources. Students and families will have access to resources that include videos, website links, digital office pamphlets, etc. These sessions will also incorporate the opportunity to speak with different offices for a Q&A.
    3. How do I access Moodle?
    • Students will be emailed a link to access the Moodle site. They will then be prompted to enter their WPU login credentials. If there are any issues, please email
    4. When will Orientation modules be available on Moodle and when must they be complete?
    • New Pacers and their Families will receive an email prior to Orientation notifying them that the orientation modules are available. We highly encourage students to complete the modules prior to the day of orientation to maximize their full orientation experience.
    5. Why is Orientation still being held on different dates?
    • We have incorporated numerous dates and formats (in-person + virtual) to enable students to have choices that fits their schedules and comfort level. Students are being asked to sign up for specific events to facilitate community building, and provide real-time resources to new Pacers and their families. Our goal is to ensure student success for all new Pacers.
    6. Is Orientation mandatory? Do I have to attend the entire event?
    • Yes, you are required to attend this event as a new student at William Peace University. It is very important that you participate to ensure you receive and understand all necessary information regarding your classes, housing, campus resources, and services available.
    7. I am an athlete. Is there a different orientation for me?
    • All new Pacers who plan to play in Pacer Athletics MUST attend Orientation. There may be some specific sessions during the event geared toward athletes, however you are required to attend the entire orientation alongside all new Pacers.
    8. I have registered for Orientation, now what?
    • You are all set and we can’t wait to get to know you better! One week prior to Orientation, you will receive specific information about your sessions, how to log in, and any materials you will need to participate. This information will be sent to both your personal and WPU email.

  • Registration Questions

    1. How do I register?
    • You will received an email from the Office of Admissions with registration information. Please follow that link to register for the event. You will use the login you created to apply to the University to register for orientation.
    2. My login to register will not work. What do I do?
    • You should use the login you created to apply to the University for this registration. Do not use your WPU login you received from the Office of Information Technology. If you run into further issues, please email the Office of Admissions at
    3. I registered already but I need to switch my date or make a change. Can I do that?
    • Once you register, if that date or dates are no longer convenient, you will need to email the Office of Admissions at and request alternative date/s.

  • Family and Guest Information

    1. Can I invite a family member or guest to join me during this event? Do they have to pre-register?
    • Yes! We welcome family members or guests to join you for New Student Orientation. We encourage your family members and guests to participate in the virtual event with you throughout the day. Parents and Guests do not need to register separately, however, you will need to register when you register yourself (you will be asked to add guest information).
    2. How do family members and guests access the Moodle site?
    • Family members can utilize the link and instructions provided to their student to access the Moodle site.

  • Orientation Leaders

    1. What are Orientation Leaders?
    • Orientation Leaders are your guide, resource and mentor as you begin your William Peace University experience. They will lead the small group you are assigned. Orientation Leaders are current William Peace University students who are involved academically, through registered student organizations, Pacer Athletics and much more. They were specifically selected during a rigorous application and interview process to serve you, the new student and family member. They will be able to answer many of the questions you have about what it is like to be a student or how families can best support their new Pacer.
    2. How will Orientation Leaders build Virtual Community?
    • Orientation Leaders will build community through holding virtual small group sessions, utilizing the @wpustudentlife instagram account, the GroupMe app and more!
    3. How are small groups assigned?
    • Small groups are assigned mostly randomly, however we work to ensure there are a variety of students in each small group from various majors and hometowns too! Your small group is a lot of fun and your first chance to really bond with your incoming class. Siblings or family members will not be in the same small group.
    4. Do families and guests have small groups?
    • No, but you do not miss out on the access to an Orientation Leader. There will be orientation leaders with you during your program to help you along the way.

  • Additional Questions

    I still have more questions. What do I do?
    • No worries! Email and a member of our staff will work to respond as soon as possible.

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More Events

First-Year Success Series

The First-Year Success Series is a programmatic effort designed to enrich the First-Year Experience at William Peace University. The series is a campus-wide, collaborative effort that provides first-year students the resources and support they need to successfully transfer to college life and becoming a Pacer.

Through this series, the first-year students will learn and develop the necessary skills to help them be successful in their academic and personal life. By teaching and promoting community and healthy habits, our hope is to provide all first-year students with a socially supportive environment that will enable them to meet new people, immerse themselves in the WPU culture and enjoy career and academic success.

Quick Facts on FYSS

  • FYSS offered 25 programs in Fall 2021.
  • The majority of Fall 2021 FYSS attendees attended between 4-6 events.  
  • 90% of first-year students agreed that FYSS was helpful to their college transition.

“The FYS series helped me get more involved in school and meet new people. They were informative and fun. I liked that they had events that were about managing time and school work and also about healthy living. I am thankful that they exist because they helped me with planning my first semester of college.”

Brian Martinez, Class of 2023

“I enjoyed the Inside Scoop with Public Safety, Multicultural Feast, and Mindfulness Workshop. They were very informative and gave me insights on some topics that are not covered otherwise. The events were fun and fast activities and it was great that in the majority of them students got a chance to win some prizes. I love that these events are offered every now and then and there is a healthy competition for FYS with them.”

Makayla Cook, Class of 2023

“My daughter loves, loves, loves WPU! Welcome new families!”

Karen Austin Thomas, Pacer Parent