Student Support Services

WPU is dedicated to making sure that our students get the support they need to make their academic journey possible.

We realize that no two students learn the same way – but every student deserves equal access to the support that they require. At WPU, we work tirelessly to provide a wide variety of resources to foster growth and success for each of our students.

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Student Handbook & Policies

WPU is committed to creating an educational and developmental process that balances the needs of the individual student with the needs of the community as a whole. By becoming a WPU student, you automatically consent to helping carry out our missions, vision, and values, which include upholding strong, ethical principles and personal character.

Need Help With a Disability?

Getting you the help you need to succeed. That’s what we’re all about. The WPU Disability Services Office provides assistance to students with physical, cognitive, learning, and psychological disabilities. 

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