Career Design for Students

Your career planning starts now.

At William Peace University Career Development is a lifelong process that is influenced by many factors, including interests, talents, and values. Career counselors in the Office of Academic and Career Advising help WPU students and alumni know and understand themselves and the world of work to make intentional educational, career, and life decisions. This belief is illustrated through our WPU career design approach:

As you continue your education here, there are several ways to connect with us. We offer three classes in the curriculum (course catalog), events, and programming during the academic year, career fairs as well as other fun ways to engage with our employer partners. Did you know ALL of our traditional undergraduates complete an internship before graduation? That’s right! They do! The WPU Works! Internship Program is facilitated by our team – contact us directly if you have any questions.

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with us via WPU Connect.

WPU interns get the chance to work at cool places
“Mallory has been a great intern and a pleasure to work with! Her easy-going personality and adaptability allowed her to quickly fit in with our team. Her intelligence and commitment allowed her to learn the work and do it well. “
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
...on working with former intern Mallory Mullins, ‘18

Gain Experience Through Meaningful Internships

We want you to find the perfect internship, but we also know that can be a tall task. If you’re struggling to find a meaningful, impactful internship experience, our expert staff will help guide you every step of the way.

In a competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just academic credentials, they want hands-on experience, too.

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WPU students visit NCFC

Location is everything, which means you can intern at sites like the North Carolina Football Club (NCFC), Raleigh’s professional soccer franchise located 15 minutes from campus

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