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There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. That’s why each WPU student is required to complete an internship before they graduate.

Below you will find information on how to take part in a WPU Job Fair, how to Post a Job with WPU, and how to set up an Internship Program at your company so that you can employ some of our spectacular students!

  • Internship Program
    Career Services helps students find the right position for them, but it goes both ways. We work closely with you, the employer, to help find the right student for each open internship position.

    Our requirements for an internship site are as follows:

    • Company must be in existence for at least three years
    • There should be at least three full-time employees
    • The company/organization is housed in a professional setting – office or appropriate setting – not a virtual site or home or residential setting
    • Intern must be supervised by someone with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree

    If you fulfill these requirements- the next step is:

    • Provide Career Services ( with an internship description – intern should be assigned projects and duties comparable to entry level professional work – with limited repetitive clerical duties
    • The internship description will be sent to the faculty for approval
    • Once approved, the internship will be posted on our job posting system
    • Students will apply directly to you by resume and cover letter
    • You should interview interested candidates and select the intern(s) that best suit your needs

    Further requirements:

    • A company/organization representative will be sent and asked to sign an WPU Academic Internship Agreement provided by Career Services.
    • Intern must work 120 hours within the semester
    • Supervisor must sign and approve the WPU Internship Learning Agreement – completed by the student intern
    • Supervisor must complete an evaluation at the end of the internship – it will be sent to you electronically by career services

    Please read the National Association of Colleges and Employers Statement on U.S. Internships.

    All internships will be reviewed by William Peace University faculty to ensure goals and objectives of the position compliment the students’ learning and professional goals.

    Once your intern begins work, it’s important to continuously provide mentoring and feedback to the student and to WPU. Introduce your intern to various departments within your organization and allow the student to attend meetings, networking opportunities, professional organization meetings and top-level management. It’s important for an intern to learn duties and tasks associated with an entry-level position and experiences in addition to exposure to the entire organization.

  • Job Fairs
    Career fairs are another great resource for both job hunters and potential employers. William Peace University frequently sponsors on-campus job fairs. If you would like to participate, please check this page regularly or contact our Career Center.

    Contact WPU Career Center

  • Post a Job
    Career Services makes posting a job easy by offering two simple options.

    • Register with WPU online and post full-time and internship positions directly to our website.
    • Send job descriptions to the Career Center and we will post it in our job bank for you.

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