For Triangle Businesses: Find Your Next Intern/Employee

Partner with the William Peace University Office of Academic and Career Advising.

Our office is happy to support you in your search for an exceptional intern or new employee. WPU has traditional undergraduate students, School of Professional Studies students, and alumni in our pool, making our office uniquely suited to connect you with top Triangle talent. Due to our small agile community, we are able to offer employers an extremely high level of customer service and the ability to test innovative recruitment ideas.

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Find out how to take part in a WPU career fair, how to post a job with WPU, and how to set up an internship program so that you can find the next great leader at your company.

  • Career Fairs
    Career fairs are a great resource for both job seekers and potential employers.

    Helpful Links

    To learn more and to register for a career fair, simply contact the Office of Academic and Career Advising for information.

    Contact WPU Office of Academic and Career Advising

  • Employers: Post a Job
    If you are an employer, here is how to post a job. 

    1. Create an account at Join Handshake- Employers.
    2. Once you create an account, click on the link that says “Post A Job.”
    3. Fill out the job posting form. Be sure to favorite our school so William Peace University students can see your postings.
    4. Click “Submit.” You’re done!

    Questions? Take a look at the troubleshooting guide here or contact the office of Academic or Career Advising.

  • Internship Program
    Career Services helps students find impactful internships. We work closely with you, the employer, to help you create an internship position that is mutually beneficial to your organization and helps student interns develop skills in a high-energy, fast-paced work environment.

    Internship Site Requirements

    • Company must be in existence for at least three (3) years
    • There should be at least three full-time employees
    • The company/organization is housed in a professional setting – office or appropriate setting. Student interns cannot wor remotely, at a virtual site, in a home or residential setting
    • Interns must be supervised by someone with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree

    Next Steps

    • Post your job using the steps listed in the above plus sign “Post a Job.”
    • When you receive our approval, please post the internship job description, and Career Services staff will review it. We will approve it or contact you to further discuss the position. We approve internships that are project-focused and are equivalent to entry-level professional work.
    • Students will apply directly to you via resume and cover letter.
    • You should interview interested candidates and select the intern(s) that best suit your needs.

    Further requirements

    • A company/organization representative will be sent and asked to sign a WPU Academic Internship Agreement provided by Career Services.
    • Intern must work 120 hours within the semester.
    • Supervisor must sign and approve the WPU Internship Learning Agreement, completed by the student intern.
    • Supervisor must complete an evaluation at the end of the internship – it will be sent to you electronically by career services.
    • Internships may be paid or unpaid. If you are a for-profit company, the student must complete the internship in the 120 hours required if he/she is unpaid. Hours beyond 120 need to be paid. Not-for-profit organizations may continue the work of the intern as a volunteer if the intern desires to continue. This is a requirement of the Department of Labor.


    • Please read the National Association of Colleges and Employers Statement on U.S. Internships
    • All internships will be reviewed by Career Services Staff to ensure goals and objectives of the position complement the students’ learning and professional goals
    • Once your intern begins work, it’s important to continuously provide mentoring and feedback to the student and to WPU. Introduce your intern to various departments within your organization and allow the student to attend meetings, networking opportunities, professional organization meetings, and top-level management. It’s important for an intern to learn duties and tasks associated with an entry-level position and experiences in addition to exposure to the entire organization

Our students intern at places like WRAL TV
“Ann Taylor was energetic and enthusiastic. She was always where she needed to be when assigned work. She had great people skills, and learned every task we added to her plate. Overall, we had a great experience with Ann Taylor, and we look forward to working with her in the future.”
Capitol Broadcasting Company
...on working with former intern & now employee, Ann Taylor Kallam '18
“We have enjoyed working with interns from WPU over the last several years. We appreciate the formal program that helps interns focus on their school-based requirements as well as our requirements. We even recently hired a WPU intern for a full-time role!”
- Special Olympics of NC
“Our experience with an intern from William Peace University was excellent. It was a pleasure to be able to work with such a qualified and responsible student.”
- Grasstaken LLC
Office of Academic and Career Advising
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