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Lifetime access to Career Services – just one benefit of graduating from WPU. Whether you just walked across stage and are searching for that first job, or you’re an alumni looking for a new career, we’ve got you covered.

Career Services is here for you long after you graduate from WPU. At no cost to you, our experienced staff can assist you with:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Assistance
  • Skills and Personality Assessments
  • Career Counseling
  • Interview Coaching
  • Advising

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Tips for Starting Your Job Search

The job market is an increasingly competitive place, but if you’re prepared – it isn’t scary. Our Career Design Specialists make sure you’re ready for that next step before you graduate, counseling you one-on-one with mock interviews and job search assistance, providing you with a plan to tackle whatever comes your way.

  • Building Your Portfolio
    Our counselors aid you in the construction of the perfect resume and cover letter, with helpful examples that you can directly pull from. We also help you build your portfolio, helping you highlight projects and past work that truly tells how skilled and valuable you are.

    Contact The Office of Academic and Career Advising for Help

  • Preparing For Your Job Search
    We have connections that go far beyond the gates of our campus. We can help shape your job search and dig deep into careers you may not have thought of.

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  • Networking
    Like we said, we’ve got the connections to help you get where you want to go.

    Networking is an invaluable tool in the search for a job. While we’re working on our end, we’ll help you reach out to people you’ve worked with during internships or career positions as well as other members of the WPU community who have worked in your desired field.

    Contact The Office of Academic and Career Advising for Help

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