What it Takes to Excel in Exercise and Sport Science

Dec 7, 2021

Getting an Exercise and Sport Science degree (ESS) can provide students interested in athletic performance, physical education, sport psychology, or sports management with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Still, being a sport science major is only part of what will propel a dedicated learner into a satisfying career. Here are a handful of tips to help anyone interested in a sport science program excel in their chosen field.

Choose an Accredited and Reputable Sports Science Program

Getting a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science is a great start, but the foundation you build during that degree is only as good as the program itself. Choose a program that is holistic and will cover a range of knowledge and skills to prepare you for a diversity of careers.

WPU student tests Exercise and Sport Science equipment.

At William Peace University, our far-reaching and holistic program prepares students for work or graduate study in everything from exercise physiology and kinesiology to sports medicine and physical therapy to becoming an athletic trainer for professional sports teams. In fact, students at WPU can switch up their career aims halfway through their major and still be on track to graduate with everything they need.

Know Whether or Not You’ll Need or Want Further Schooling and Prepare Accordingly

For many careers in exercise and sport science, more than a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts is required. Whether it’s Physical Therapy school, Occupational Therapy school, or getting a Master’s Degree in order to become an exercise physiologist, students entering into an undergraduate sport and exercise science program need to know about — and prepare for — any further schooling that may await them. 

At WPU, we not only prepare our students for further schooling, but we also guide them in choosing which graduate schools and programs will meet their specific needs. ESS students receive instruction in biology, and the coursework for the degree is some of the most challenging in the entire university system. Whether you want to go to medical school, work in APTA oncology, become a personal trainer, or research and advance the field of cardiac rehab, our Exercise and Sport Science program will get you ready. 

A Solid and Committed Work Ethic Will Serve You Well

Whether it’s in your Human Anatomy class, your Biomechanics class, or your internship with a local and highly regarded personal trainer, working hard in school and on the job is an essential component of excelling in a sport science career. 

Exercise and sport science aren’t just for students who are interested in athletics. It can inform and prepare bright and hard-working individuals who are interested in other aspects of human performance, too. Be it sports marketing, coaching high school, nutrition, or health care, working hard in a high-ranking and well-known sport science program will prepare you for exciting and fulfilling work. 

Be Sure You Get Experience Before You Head Out Into the Field

Not all schools with an undergraduate degree in sport science or exercise science offer students the experience they need to compete for spots in PT, OT, or med school. We do.

At WPU, part of our holistic approach is to make sure students are on the right track. Freshman ESS majors take an introductory class that demonstrates some of the many career options they’ll be prepared for, including what it takes to get into physical therapy school, athletic training, personal training, strength conditioning, medicinal exercise, cardiac rehab, and more. 

William Peace University also has a new lab, and it’s top of the line. Undergraduate students get to do exercise- and sports-related research, practicing the very work of sports scientists that many of them will likely be doing after they graduate. Even if students are not planning to do research later, working in the WPU lab will hone skills that make students more marketable and competitive when job hunting or applying to graduate school.

Practice What You Preach

You know the goals of wellness, regular and appropriate exercise, and overall health that students in ESS programs will work to pass on to those they assist and guide later? Those goals and practices must also form the backbone of ESS students’ and graduates’ own lives. Be sure to attend a school and enter a sport science program that transforms and improves your own relationship to physical activity — in a positive way.

You should also be mindful of choosing a school that has easily accessed fitness offerings as well as a fitness center, campus health care options, and on-campus help with any mental health needs. At WPU, we have these and so much more to help ensure your time learning and growing with us is productive and balanced, and that you’ll have what you need to be a healthy person.

Interested in getting a head start in your exercise and sports science career? Reach out to WPU’s admissions office about our ESS program today.