Women’s Studies

  • Overview

    You will learn to identify how constructions of gender are shaped by power and how to develop strategies for social, political and economic change.

    Women’s Studies examines the ways in which gender is constructed, learned and performed in different cultures and social contexts. A minor in Women’s Studies is comprised of interdisciplinary courses from across the curriculum. The program uses feminist theory as a lens to explore gender inequality as well as other systems of inequality, such as those based in racism, classism, heterosexism and colonialism. Through this lens, you can better understand the global issues that so many women face, including health disparities, unpaid labor, limited reproductive choices, violence and political under-representation.

    As a discipline, Women’s Studies is informed by the fields of anthropology, economics, history, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, political science psychology, public health, religion and sociology.

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  • Courses

    The courses listed below are for the Academic Catalog and are subject to change. Please reference the Academic Catalog for further information and course descriptions. If you are a current student, please reference the catalog in which you come under.

    Required Courses 3 credit hours
    WST 200: Introduction to Women’s Studies3
    Women’s Studies Electives 15 credit hours
    ANT 370: The Female of the Species: A Biocultural, Anthropological Perspective3
    ENG 325: Women on Stage3
    ENG 374: The Image of Women3
    PSC 311: Political Leadership3
    PSY 375: Human Sexuality and Gender3
  • Faculty
    ​Kayce Meginnis-Payne, WPU Professor
    ​Associate Professor of Psychology
    Betty Witcher, WPU professor.
    Department Chair of Psychology and Business; Professor of Psychology
    Corinne Andersen, WPU professor.
    Department Chair of Humanities and Professor of English
    Eliza Laskowski, WPU Professor.
    Assistant Professor of English
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