WPU Students Shine at CSNAP Conference

Dec 1, 2023

Five William Peace University (WPU) students recently participated in the NC Campus Engagement’s biennial CSNAP Student Conference at NC State University.

WPU President Dr. Brian Ralph is on the board of NC Campus Engagement. The conference theme, “Rising Together: Students Depolarizing North Carolina,” emphasized the need for constructive conversations amidst the growing polarization in society.

WPU Student Awarded: Christopher Simmering

Among the outstanding individuals representing WPU, Christopher Simmering received the prestigious Community Impact Student Award for his unwavering commitment to civic and community engagement. This award recognizes an outstanding undergraduate student service leader from each NC Campus Engagement member campus.

Simmering is a founding member of the Civic Order student organization at WPU. Driven by a mission to foster peaceful political discourse and enhance civic engagement, action, literacy, civility, and involvement both on our campus and in the local community, Civic Order stands as a testament to the impact that student-led initiatives can have.

Simmering’s leadership within the Civic Order organization has set a high standard for other student-run groups. His collaborative efforts with university departments, coupled with initiatives like hosting Constitution Day events and facilitating Democratic Dialogues, showcase his commitment to filling knowledge gaps and fostering civil conversations on campus.

In 2023, Christopher achieved success in the NC Campus Engagement Redesigning Democracy Competition, highlighting his dedication to reshaping the future of democracy. Currently, he is gearing up to launch a new Constitution Series at WPU to inform students about their rights and the functionality of the law.

Emma Stirckland, 27′ and Ryan Laraway, 27′ hosting dialogue focused on cancel culture.

As the university reflects on the success of its students at the CSNAP Conference, it draws inspiration from its dedication to depolarizing North Carolina. It is through collaborative efforts and initiatives like those led by Christopher Simmering that the community can rise together, fostering a future of respectful dialogue and positive change.